Monday, October 31, 2011

Animal Firm

The new Fritz Haeg Desk in ARUP's Reception

The existing Arup Desk
A Panorama of both desks
I am very pleased today to have discovered the work of Architect Fritz Haeg whose work encompasses gardens, dance, performance, design, installation, ecology and of course he designs buildings too. Here we present one of his on going projects : Animal Estates , London HQ ( other projects have been staged in San Francisco., Utrecht, Netherlands).
The installation includes, as well as prototypes houses for bats and bees and studio apartments for urban birds, the Kafkaesque sounding 'Insect Hotel' designed by ARUP Associates, the landlords of this exhibition space which is camped out in their reception area in Fitzroy Street. The exhibitions reception desk sits in reflecting parody of the existing corporate desk and represents in itself a portal through which a dialogue is created in order to promote biodiversity in our cities. Forage further @ the New York Times Blog and Fritz Haeg's daily Wikidiary.

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