Decorating Your Home Office

So, you've decided to set up a home office. You've probably done some of the essential planning tasks required for you to get up and running. You've picked a suitable place in the house where you can be comfortable and free of distraction, and maybe you've even started to furnish your home office. Once the office is set up with a lot of the bare essentials like a desk, chair, and a lamp a lot of people just stop right there and start working. Before they know it, they've been working in this bare bones home office for quite some time. But, are they really enjoying it? Could they be enjoying it a little more? An often neglected aspect of most home offices is the decoration. Most people can focus too much on the materials and furniture, and the office ends up with a lack character and warmth, which is essential to motivating you at work. Consider the following tips when decorating your home office: - Try adding ornamental plants. The color green inside your office creates a positive mood and helps energize you at work. - Come up with a design plan for your office. It should consist of how your home office furniture is arranged together. When doing this, consider accessibility of the items especially when you are working on your desk most of the time. - Decorate the walls of your home office with pictures of loved ones, or pictures of fun times that you have had. You could also decorate with posters or inspiring artwork. This will brighten and warm the mood, and help you keep motivated during those long hours. Having what you absolutely need in your home office is important, of course. But, don't forget that being comfortable in your office can go a long way in keeping you truly productive.


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